Tips to Stay Beautiful When Backpacker

Tips to Stay Beautiful When Backpacker

Doing outdoor activities with a backpack is not an easy thing, especially for women. Moreover, out there are a lot of dust and pollution can damage both the skin and the skin of the face skin.

Dust and dirt in the air can certainly make a dry and dull, especially if you use a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt because it makes your skin exposed to the sun. Backpacker usually is the time when you arevacationing in public places. You can find more beauty advice on Dr Morris Ritz

Even if you become a backpacker, you still can still look pretty and keep your skin health. Here are some tips to keep it beautiful when a back packer you can prepare and implement when back packer.

• Moisture

The air outside is the potential to make your skin dry. Therefore, prepare a face and body moisturizer before you go. Use a moisturizer so that your skin becomes fresher. Choose long-lasting moisturizing effectand a high SPF of at least 15.

• Sun Block

If the activity back packer you will leave your skin exposed to the sun, use sun block or sunscreen. Sun block to protect the skin from the adverse effects of UV rays. The higher the SPF of it, then it takes longersun block to protect your skin.

• Lip Moisturizer

Lips are one of the body parts as well as sensitive skin. Lips to be easy to dry, especially if expose to sunlight. Therefore, bring a lip balm or lip moisturizer so you will be beautiful when back packer. Use a lip moisturizer each time you feel your lips dry.

• White Water

Activity Back Packer will usually strenuous enough because you have to walk quite a distance and the long term. Therefore drink enough water. Do not let your body become dehydrated. Water is also able to keep the moisture your skin, make you look fresh and still pretty as a back packer.

• Eye dropsone of the problems experienced when a back packer is usually dry eye. In fact, the eye is also a vital part of your beauty and reflects. Therefore if your eyes are dry, use eye drops.

• Perfume

If you do outdoor activities, you often find that the perfume is not important. However, the right fragrance can make you stay beautiful while back packer. Choose a perfume with a fresh aroma andfruit flavors such inconspicuous.

• Make Up Base

If you are one of the observers of beauty, you should also have to prepare your basic makeup equipment to take part in activities such as your back packer powder and lipstick. Choose a lipstick withnatural colors because you do a back pack in the open and not for the party.