Healthy Fat Loss

Healthy Fat Loss

Healthy Fat Loss

A lot of times we eat foods that are supposed to be healthy for us, and we end up gaining weight.

A lot of people have problems with some of the healthiest foods on this planet.

For example legumes, specifically beans and brown rice are supposed to be very healthy for you and are recommended by every nutritionists as a perfect food to allow healthy fat loss.

But many people gain weight on beans and or brown rice.


These are supposed to be very healthy carbs. The problem lies in a substance called lectin.

Lectin is a protein within the protein family substances that love to bind protein and sugars and it really mess’s with your body’s cellular structure. But what that really means is they have the ability to render even the most healthy of foods very unhealthy for you to consume.

But here’s the trick that will allow you to eat legumes and brown rice all you want to encourage your body into a state of healthy fat loss.

All you need to do is to soak brown rice and legumes in water for 24 hours.

What this does is cause the lecithin to be destroyed 10 minutes into cooking.

And don’t worry, soaking it for 24 hours does not in any way change the taste in fact it’s even a little bit more fluffy.

So if you’re looking for ways to incorporate healthy fat loss into your diet and lifestyle. Try this, it just might be what you’re looking for.

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