Body Transformation: From Scarred to Flawless

Body Transformation: From Scarred to Flawless

After struggling for years with thyroid disease and yo-yo dieting like crazy, I decided to take the easy way out, and have liposuction surgery on my legs in 2008. This would prove to be the worst mistake of my life. The surgery was botched, and I was left with disfigured legs. I had 4 corrective surgeries to try to fix what had been done, but after the 4th surgery, the doctors told me that was the best it would look. I was left feeling hopeless, defeated, and more than anything, angry with myself. Wallowing in depression, I ballooned up to a hefty 185 pounds. At just under 5’2″, I was ridiculed and called the fat girl. I realized the only way my life and my body were going to change was if I got off my butt, and did it myself.

In January of 2011, I made a resolution that I was going to do things right this time. I joined a gym, and started working out and learning everything about nutrition that I possibly could. I lost 50 pounds, and competed in my first figure competition. I have spent the years since then getting my Master’s degree as well as becoming certified with as many personal training and nutrition certifications that I can. I decided to take my struggles and education, and turn it around to help as many people on their weight loss journey as I possibly can.

I now have my own health & wellness business, and I also work with the local news fitness expert as their nutrition coach for all of their clients, and coach several boot camps every week. Through my struggle I have found my passion, and I’m living my dreams.

My children are my biggest motivation. As a widow and single mom of 2 children (one of which is autistic), they inspire me to be the best version of me that I can. I not only want to be a role model for other women, but my children and their friends as well.

For the first several years, I consumed a diet high in protein and low in fat with moderate carbohydrates. As I have gotten older, it seems that I have become carb sensitive, so I have found that the keto diet with one re-feed day each week works extremely well for me. I have also recently been undergoing testing for gluten sensitivity/celiac disease, so my carbs are all gluten-free at this point in time. I train 6 days a week, and break my days up by body part. Monday is glutes and calves, Tuesday is shoulders, Wednesday is quads and calves, Thursday is back, Friday is hamstrings and calves, Saturday is bi’s and tri’s with shoulder touch ups. As far as supplements I take BCAA’s, multivitamin, vitamin C, a thermogenic fat burner, as well as a good protein powder.

I am currently training to compete at WBFF World’s in Las Vegas on August 14 and 15 My goal is to get my pro card, and continue to help as many people change their lives as I possibly can.