Best exercises to improve reflexes

Best exercises to improve reflexes

You want to have reflexes of a cat. You want to be sprightlier and you want it to happen quickly. Then you have landed on the best place to find the quick tips or exercises to help you improve your reflexes. So that the next time you, want to show your reflex you are able to do so effortlessly. Read on to find out more.

Catching Coin

This is a very simple exercise, which you can do at home not having to go through too many efforts. In addition, it will be fun to do this exercise. To do this exercise you need to place a coin in your hand just before where your knuckles start. The position of your hand should be planted somewhere between the stomach and your chest. The idea is to make the coin jump from your hand slightly awards and try to catch it in your palms. When you do it regularly, you will surely increase your reflexes and if you want to you can place two to three coins in your palms just before your wrists.

Coin Drop

One more exercise where you need just a coin and you do not need a lot of space to do this exercise. However, you would require a partner to help you out in this exercise. To do this exercise asks your partner to stand at least at two arm’s length opposite to you. And let them drop a coin from around your chest height. The thing that you need to do in here is to catch the coin by anticipating its fall before it touches the ground. This exercise is great to increase your reflexes, as it will help to increase your ability to anticipate the movement of the other person or object.

There are many athletes and especially in the martial arts and boxing who practice these exercises which increases their reflexes. It is imperative for a sports person to practice exercises, which increase their reflexive behavior because only then can they anticipate the movement and the intent of the opponent. However, anyone can benefit from the exercises, which increase your reflexes because ultimately reflexes are the most important part for you to live safe and a confident life.