What’s the Buzz About 3D Animation?

If you have children, you can’t help but notice that computers have become an integral part of their lives and education. Against the backdrop of this modern technological era, one of the many things that children are slowly being introduced to is 3D animation. And it is gradually gaining popularity.

So what is this buzz about 3D animation?

3D animation encourages children to use their creativity, imagination, patience, logic and problem solving skills. And along the way, children may develop some new skills and create some great new animations. It is a fun way to cultivate both soft and hard skills. Who knows, maybe it will turn their love for computers and all they can offer into a career some day.

The demand for better and more sophisticated animation is growing and there is perhaps a shortage of skilled animators. This may explain the many animation competitions hosted by companies in the industry. These competitions are designed to suit children of different ages and skill levels. The likely objectives of these competitions are to cultivate interest in the young and unearth latent talents that could be nurtured and developed.

You will never know! You may well have a future legendary animation prodigy living under your roof!

The computer animation industry has come a long way since the days of traditional 2D image processing. It still continues to offer better innovative solutions for those interested in working with some kind of visual contents or images. 3D animation has emerged as a new and distinctive fashion in the world of animation. It has since grown from being a mere possible alternative to being the most favored tool to design various graphics or images. Today, 3D animation software has propelled it’s stature and gained global recognition!

It is no wonder that “3D Animation Software” has become the latest buzzword in the animation industry! With all this hype, you may ask what this is really all about.

In general, 3D Animation Software refers to programs used to develop 3D computer generated images. Using 3D animation software can improve design quality immensely as it offers a more complete animated design process as compared to 2D animated designs. As mentioned earlier, the demand for better and more sophisticated animation has led to corresponding demand for 3D animation software.

In the world today, 3D animation software has found itself being used in different sections, in particular in the world of graphics. Aside from this, it is also extensively used in the entertainment industry. Just look at the various animated movies in the market. And educators are also beginning to use 3D animation as a tool in teaching our young. Empirical studies have suggested that 3D animation is poised to boom at a growth rate of about 30 per cent in the near future.

Having said that, to get the right 3D animation software is never an easy task as there are many software available in the market that offer similar set of features. In addition, the prices of some 3D animation software can cause your eyes to leave the sockets. It all depends on the level of capabilities that you want.

For beginners and novices, it may be a good idea to start with a FREE 3D animation software. The advantages to this are many:

1. It is firstly FREE;
2. It allows someone with an initial interest to explore the world of 3D animation at no cost;
3. It helps determine the degree of flair for 3D animation;
4. It serves as a yardstick to determine interest and possibility of further study;
5. It gives a fairly good idea as to what kind of capabilities you want when buying 3D animation software.

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