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Video Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

While you can now use your smart phone or tablet to produce a video, it’s still not easy to produce quality content.

Video is an important and cost-effective part of any marketing strategy. So it can be frustrating when we face challenges that get in the way for us to produce great video marketing strategies. Done properly, video can help you in engaging and educating your customers, converting leads, and getting more profit. However, it can be challenging to produce as well as distribute them. Without proper planning and the right approach, your marketing team can quickly find the whole task overwhelming.

video production

If you want to be more prepared as you start planning for your new video production, here are four challenges you need to be aware of:

Not Having a Plan

Lack of appropriate planning can greatly contribute to failing to produce quality videos. Without a set plan, it can be hard to create the right approach in video production. For you to avoid this problem, you need to identify the purpose or goal of your video marketing strategy. Identify your main objectives of the campaign, before moving forward. Ask why do you want to produce a video. Is it to boost brand awareness, to get more leads, or to engage more social media followers?

Lack of Budget

Another issue marketing departments experience is inadequate budget. Even if you are only using a mobile phone to shoot, you still need to invest a few bucks. This is especially true if you are planning to use the video for paid advertisement. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend an arm and a leg to produce quality video. To maximize your investment, make sure you plan and execute your video marketing properly.

video production

Not Having a Good Content

This is one of biggest challenges digital marketers experience these days. With the amount of video being produced every day, it can be hard to produce one that will stand out in the competition. As more and more brands flood the newsfeed of your target viewers with video campaigns, it will be more challenging for small businesses to break through the noise. The only way to overcome this challenge is making sure that you have a better content.

Lack of Proper Metrics  

As a video marketer, your task does not end with publishing a video. You also want to determine whether your campaign has been successful or not. Choosing the right metrics to use in your campaign is a critical part of knowing your video marketing success. Lack of metrics not only defeats the purpose of producing a video as it will give you no indication of whether your hard work has paid off.

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