Alex Katz – American Pop Artist

Alex Katz is an American artist renown for his contribution to pop art. Alex Katz was born July 24 in Brooklyn, New York. From 1946-1950 he studied at The Cooper Union, New York and the Skowhegan School of Painting in Maine. Around 1955 Alex started to make collages. From 1974 to present, Alex has been working on various exhibitions such as Alex Katz Prints, Alex Katz: A Drawing Retrospective, Alex Katz: Twenty Five Years of Painting, Regarding Alex Katz, Alex Katz- In Your Face, and soon to come, Alex Katz. Alex currently lives in New York and has been living there for almost 40 years.

Beach Sandals, 1987

Rowboat, 1966

Spruce, 1994

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